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Jessica Morris’s now over 20-year body of work is not only a social documentary, showing “real people living their real lives…whatever real life is” but also portrays the slow evolution of global social landscapes.


She has always focussed on showing human interactions and feelings through her unique brand of photography which she considers to be the “truest form of storytelling”.


Ever the purist, eschewing modern digital techniques in favour of her trusty Olympus OM -1 camera, everything she shoots is on 35mm film. Her rejection of digital technology really just embracing the fact that the film camera is still the ultimate in capturing the truth at the heart of the human experience, and she’s seldom been without it on her transcontinental travels.

A photographic arts graduate from London’s University of Westminster who, having graduated, spent a long time on the road with a plethora of bands and recording artists throughout the UK, Europe and the US, Jessica has had her work published in various major British, US and international music magazines and papers.



“As varied as the landscapes and countries that I’ve experienced in the several years since my last exhibition are, it has always been the people that populate them that have grabbed my attention. It is these people that illuminate the body of work that I’ve accumulated since being inseparable from my first proper camera at the age of 12.  While my work is essentially a social documentary, I’m really trying to capture the essence of the human experience.”



Jessica Morris, Tel Aviv , 2016







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